Friday 11 December 2015

Charlie The Ultra Running Collie (2002-2015) RIP

‘So you didn’t catch him then’ a neighbouring farmer, Phil, observed with a wry smile. ‘Didn’t catch who?’ I said. ‘Your collie, Charlie. I saw you both running across the field this morning…he was well in front, then I saw you both coming back across the field later on in the afternoon  and your dog was still well in the lead, looking as fresh as anything, and you struggling on behind.  Made me laugh’
And that was how it was
For 12 years I have been the luckiest lad to have had Charlie, my four legged bundle of joy, by my side . We taught each other things we wouldn’t have otherwise learnt and we helped each other see places we would never have otherwise seen. From the West Highland Way of Scotland to the many mountain passes of the Lake District, from the West coast to the East coast of England, from The Cloud to Gun Moor. There was no stopping us. Running in inspiring places, living in the moment. Both of us having the times of our lives
He was my pathfinder and my talisman. A bundle of energy,  an indomitable spirit. And when things got tricky, and they occasionally did high up in the clag, he was my sea of calm
And at home he never stopped, always obsessing on the yard or in the field with a stone, a stick or a ball. Always on the go, always wanting to play
But there was more, something that’s hard to describe…an unspoken knowingness, an understanding and friendship that didn’t need words, although I did prattle on to him loads. We just both ‘knew’ what was what
Today he lost his fight against cancer, but a fight he gave it. Despite it all, he never lost his joie de vivre, his wagging tail, or his desire to be outside with you. His spirit and unconditional love never once waned and he set an example for us all to try and follow
Now he’s gone there’s a numbing emptiness. Every place where he normally was he is no more. No longer will he excitedly pester me as I tie the laces of my running shoes every morning. No longer will he always be first out of the door. No longer will he bark with all the joy of a pooch doing what he loves best, telling me to get a move on
Life will never be the same again now he’s no longer here but, as hard as this is right now, the memories and the life we shared together will last forever
I already miss him so badly but, even though he might not be my side anymore, he will always be in my heart and with me in spirit

Thank you Charlie Boy, for everything. RIP. I will never ever stop loving you X

PS Thank you to everyone on here. Some we know, some we met, some we just exchanged stories right here. But every one of you have played huge parts in our story. Thank you from us both - it wouldn't have been the same without you


4 Winds said...

Hi Dave, Sorry to hear about that. He was a lucky lad, though. Spook shuffled off his mortal a few months ago- still feels weird running without the mad mut, but it gets easier. All the best mate.


Derby Tup said...

I saw your post and thought Ooh, that's good then wondered if your collie was okay. Sorry to hear your news

sbrt said...

So sad David.
It was always a joy to read about, whatever Charlie and you had been up to.
Thinking of you mate
sbrt(Steve & Billy)

Emma said...

I've only just seen this. I'm SO sorry. I had to have Dave put to sleep on December the 29th. My heart is still broken. I know just how you feel. No words. Run free with Davey Doo up there Charlie Boy. xx (emmilou)